Owner Testimonials

Your services are terrific! Every one in your company is professional, prompt, efficient and everyone is very pleasant.
- William & Diane Gruenwoovs (current residents)

William & Diane Gruenwoovs

My name is Lisa Payette and Charles Popovic with All County Pros is now my property manager. I just wanted to let you know I am very satisfied with everything that Charles has done to rent out my home in Florida. The rating that I would give Charles if the rating was 1 being the best and 10 being the worst. Charles would be NUMBER ONE. I just wanted to let you know that I have never met anyone as precise and thoughtful. He is a diamond in the rough. Thank you for having such a great person at All County Pros.

Lisa Payette, Flossmoor, IL

I cannot begin to thank All County Pros enough for their incredibly efficient management and leasing of my home. A first time landlord, I initially made the mistake of hiring another team. The team I chose owned their own handyman and pool service. After I objected to quotes more than triple the cost of average service, they quit responding to my phone calls and emails and even quit “showing” the home, presenting an ongoing list of unreasonable demands when the home was in excellent condition with new EVERYTHING from kitchen to pavers to paint to pool equipment. By this time, I was in another city and at my wit’s end. After researching All County Pros, I called Foxworth with my sad story. I was so assured by his professionalism and confidence that I had the locks changed and put my faith in All County Pros immediately. Incredibly, my home was rented within two hours . . . and for more than my asking price. The sailing has been smooth ever since. Foxworth is my new hero and I heartily recommend ACP!

Doris Pomeranz, Tallahassee, FL

Hey Foxworth - I just wanted to say thank you for handling my properties as if they were your own! Despite the many challenges you always seem to work things out and I definitely appreciate all you do. Thanks again!

Dean Clemons, Michigan

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude and appreciation for all you have done to resolve the problems associated with the damage caused by the storm a few months ago,
and some other issues related to the upkeep of my property in Sarasota. I could not have hoped for a better management company namely you to act as my agent. Being out of state owner I really need someone whom I can depend on and you have proved yourself repeatedly to be dependable and tenacious. Once again, THANK YOU.

Regina Schroeder, Texas

Thank you guys so much for making my investments prosper! Having properties to hand over to a new management team was surely stressful as I began the search. After speaking with Foxworth and getting a reference, I've never looked back. The process has been seamless and the team has gone far beyond my expectations. It is absolutely a must to have a trusting relationship with my property manager as an absentee owner and All County Property in Sarasota has been perfection. Thank you all!!!

Brian C, St Pete FL

My husband and I had an apartment listed with a major local Realtor/Property Management group. After almost four months, and little activity, I found that the agent had the property listed on their website under the wrong category at the wrong monthly rent. Consequently, we terminated that agent and searched for another representative. We discovered All County Property Management Pros and Foxworth Troy. Right from the start, we were certain that this group would serve us well. We were so right! Within one week, they found a full-time tenant. Not only was Foxworth’s service quick, he got
us $100.00/month more than we asked! All County Property Management Pros “walked the talk”. They assured us they could fill the vacancy, and they were true to their word. Thank you Foxworth.

Marilynn and Jim Gillette, Bradenton FL

[Translation in English Below]
Od początku tego roku firma All County zajmuje się administrowaniem moimi mieszkaniami w Sarasocie i Bradenton. W końcu zeszłego roku nawiązałem z nim kontakt, ponieważ nie byłem zadowolony ze współpracy z poprzednią firmą. Mam dostęp do strony internetowej przez którą mam wgląd na wszystkie przychody i wydatki. Wszystkie informacje są przejrzyste i czytelne. Co jakiś czas proszę go o przekazanie bieżącej informacji na temat swoich mieszkań i otrzymuję ją niemalże natychmiast (wcześniej nie było to takie oczywiste). W chwili podpisywania umowy część mieszkań miała swoich najemców, kilku nowych zostało wyszukanych już przez Foxwortha. Nie ma z nimi problemów, płatności wpływają regularnie a All County zajmuje się bieżącymi opłatami za czynsz czy innymi rachunkami. Poznałem go osobiście będąc w styczniu w Sarasocie, jest bardzo życzliwy i uczynny. Z czystym sumieniem polecam korzystanie z ich usług.

“Since the begining of the year All County Pros. has been taking up my properties management in Sarasota and Bradenton. In the end of 2011 I got into contact with them, because I wasn't satisfied with previous management. Now I can reach all information regarding incomes and expenses through special website. All the information is clear and legible. From time to time I'm asking for an update regarding my properties and I get it almost immediately (it wasn't so before in other company). In the time we signed our agreement there were some tenants in the properties, but some of them were found by Foxworth. I have no problems with the tenants, I have regular income and All County Pros. takes up my payments. I met Foxworth personally when I was in Sarasota in January this year, he is very friendly (kindly) and helpful. I do recommend their services of my clear conscience.”
- Tomasz Kulikowski, Poland

Tomasz Kulikowski, Poland

This is the first time I have ever rented my property. Foxworth Troy and his company All County
Property management have made the process a pleasant experience. Foxworth has secured a renter,
and taken care of all the details in a timely fashion. I have been very pleased with the professional
manner of his office and the time he spent walking me through the process. I wpould recommend this
company to anyone interested in renting their property.

Kay Beverage, Bradenton FL

As a Siesta Key rental home owner, I was very impressed with the service and attention to detail provided by Ana Pidghirnii. In every situation, she met or exceeded my expectations. She always answered or returned my phone calls in a timely fashion. I would like to recommend Ana Pidghirnii to manage your property. She is pretty and funny. I was surprised to find that she was a good ballroom dancer, even taking lessons to improve her skills. No matter how busy her social calendar was, she always found the time to take or return our phone calls.

Jeff W, FL